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Web Design Generator - Artisteer (Mac & PC) is a fun, low priced tool I used to make this and other custom WordPress based websites, including the new Savage Japan Podcast site and redesigned Savage Japan Movie Reviews site. Artisteer can also be used for general website layout, Blogger and other platforms. No programming skills required. I enjoyed using this product so much, I sought out one of their ad links to place here.

Using These Japan Photos

I have had a few people ask me about using photos from this site.
For anyone who might be interested in the photos, here are my pretty basic guidelines.

If you have a need or interest, please ask me.
I’m a surprisingly friendly guy :-) and appreciate cross promotion. If you want to reference a post here in one of your posts and if you link back here, please feel free to use the unmodified image (reducing is okay) in your reference to the story. Like most everyone else, I’m generally very happy to be referenced and linked back to in posts.

If you want to use an image as a centerpiece or header graphic on your site (or for some other purpose), tell me what you have in mind. I am likely to offer rights to the image at an extremely reasonable rate and very possibly offer to help graphically with your header design or whatever you need for no additional cost if you would like me to.

If you want to buy a print, I am looking into eventually offering some select images as high quality prints (at very low cost) using the high resolution original photo files through a service online. Please let me know which image(s) interest you the most. It would really help me in deciding what to offer.

Lastly, don’t take the images and use them illegally on T-Shirts and other things.
Amazingly, this has already happened. A thief used the low resolution images pulled right off my site. Operating with a sociopathic thief’s mentality, he didn’t care about the limited quality that resulted when printing with resolution below what is ideal.

Eventually you will be exposed. Think about it.
The Japan enthusiast community is not that vast of an ocean.
I have already had to take action against one individual.
I don’t do it because of money. I do it because it’s rude and obnoxious to steal photos and use them in that manner.

It is my duty as a reasonably civilized human being to stomp out the rudeness of theft when I come across it in life. It is my way of assisting mankind and improving the gene pool.

Since a sociopathic thief obviously has difficulty surviving without stealing, by shutting them down and reducing the sociopath’s income, I reduce the odds of the sociopath successfully attracting a partner to mate with, thereby helping to keep the sociopath’s genes out of the evolutionary process.

I am a savior to humanity in a small way when I stop a sociopath from earning money from their theft.
I like being a savior to humanity.
You’re welcome.

I’ll end with what I started with…
If you have a need or interest in these photos, please just ask me. :-)

Japan Photo Journal – Living in Japan
Dan Savage [Email]

P.S. – I eventually intend to offer free desktop background images in various screen sizes of some of my favorite photos here. Please feel free to email me and let me know if any in particular would be of interest to you. Of the ones I choose to offer as background images, I plan to provide them in all the standard screen sizes. Thanks!

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