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Web Design Generator - Artisteer (Mac & PC) is a fun, low priced tool I used to make this and other custom WordPress based websites, including the new Savage Japan Podcast site and redesigned Savage Japan Movie Reviews site. Artisteer can also be used for general website layout, Blogger and other platforms. No programming skills required. I enjoyed using this product so much, I sought out one of their ad links to place here.

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Photo #0 – Back up your stuff!

JapanPhotoJournal.com only had 99 posts before my provider destroyed its database during a server migration. Though I have lost the valued interactions and comments from others, I can reformat the text from the rtf backup files I saved on my own computer and of course I can re-upload all the photos. Though this process will likely take me a few weeks instead of the few minutes it could have taken if I had a backup of the site’s database, I can still rebuild things and all is not lost.

Moving the site and starting from scratch, reassembling everything, gives me the chance to better integrate it with my podcast episodes which are finally coming together. Those first 99 entries largely correlate to the first few podcast recordings. I can quickly put everything back up in the next couple of weeks, link relevant photos to the podcast, and then get about the business of adding new photos here. I will mix in a few new photos with the first 99, so there is at least some new content during the next few weeks as I finish rebuilding everything.

I’ve also taken this forced relaunch as an opportunity to redesign the site with a custom WordPress interface I designed with a nifty little tool (mentioned and linked to in left column if you are curious).

Hopefully, the site will be an improved experience all the way around in its new incarnation.

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