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Photo #14 – Kyudo Practitioner Kneeling at Kyoto Archery Range

Kyduo archer kneeling at Kyoto Budo Center Archery Range

This photo corresponds with Episode 3 of the Savage Japan Podcast. Episode 3 can be heard here at SavageJapan.com or here at SavageSnowPodcast.com.

This kyudo student is practicing a ritualized kneeling and approach procedure before releasing her 2 arrows at the Kyoto Budo Center’s kyudo archery range.

Each archer approaches the release area on the floor with 2 arrows. The second arrow to be released is held angled down and away from the body in the right hand as the right hand also draws the first arrow back to be discharged.

Photo Details: The grass takes on an unusually vivid green appearance under the lights at this Kyoto archery range. I lowered the saturation in several of the night photos taken here so the camera’s interpretation of the color doesn’t seem too unnatural. However,  this location does possess a surreal quality at night and the colors in these photos are pretty accurate. That is, assuming you have a fairly decent monitor to view them on.

Unfortunately, laptop screens don’t count as quality monitors (even on high-end MacBooks). Laptops universally use dithered color screens of varying quality, but never “real” color screens. The inability to pay a little more and obtain a “real” screen built-in with a laptop is a big pet peeve of mine and an inconvenience when traveling. I suspect battery life may have something to do with the exclusion of quality screens from laptops, but personally, I would happily trade battery life for a quality screen.

I used up a substantial portion of my largest luggage bag’s weight limit on this trip bringing a decent LCD monitor along, just so I could do accurate color work.

Visiting the Kyoto Budo Center at night is highly recommended if you happen to be in this neighborhood after sunset, especially if you hear sounds coming from inside indicating that activities are underway.

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