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Photo #59 – Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Monthly Flea Market

Entrance to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine during monthly flea market event

As I struggle with completing episode 5 of the podcast, which is likely to be the most difficult episode to finish in the entire series, I decided to get ahead a little with the photos by uploading some images correlating to upcoming episode 6.

My friend Hiro surprised me after one of our regular lunch meetings in Kyoto by leading me on a short bike ride to the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine for a monthly event held there. The sounds of this excursion with our conversation and the added insights of my friend Hiro can be heard in upcoming episode 6 of the podcast.

This large Kyoto shrine site, located a couple of intersections north and west of Nijo Castle (see map below), hosts a flea market on its grounds on the 25th of each month. As you enter Kitano-Tenmangu on the 25th, there is a carnival-like atmosphere with concessions and games. Within the shrine, unusual junk dealers are alongside artisans selling all sorts of unimaginable items.

I was tempted but restrained myself from buying anything. I’m determined to avoid behaving as a tourist on this trip, buying knickknacks I really should not. My objective now is to begin thinking of Japan as an alternative environment for living, not a place to visit for vacations. If I find something that could be of substantial benefit to me, then I will consider it as I might consider a new purchase in the US and perhaps look for it again later during this visit or during my next 3 month visit to Japan.

Photo Details: I snapped this quick crowd shot while walking up the approach to the main shrine area. I didn’t take many photos at Kitano Tenmangu this day, but I’ll certainly visit on the 25th again in the future for more flea market photos, and I’ll return to the shrine on a quiet day to photograph many of the interesting elements within.

Coincidentally, the most recent satellite imagery in use as I posted this geotagged photo was apparently generated on the 25th of some preceding month as the flea market was taking place. At least until the satellite imagery is updated, you can see colorful roofs below belonging to temporary vendor stands alongside the southern approach path in the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

By scrolling north or zooming out on the map you can quickly bring the main shrine area into view.

Japan Photo Journal – Living in Japan
Dan Savage [Email]

Grab anywhere on map to scroll around precise spot where above photo was taken. Zoom in & out with buttons in left corner. To learn more about geotagging your own photos, visit LearningtoGeotag.com.

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